25/03/17 – BeeKeeper Visit

On Saturday as part of some further research as well as following up on our project with our associated company/organisation we met with Jeff Davey again at his bee hives. This was the perfect opportunity to get hands on with bee keeping to get a better idea of what the process actually involves.

We met Jeff at his allotment in Fishponds where he currently keeps two of his bee hives. He provided us with two extra beekeeper suits to allow us to get up close and personal with the hives. The whole experience was incredibly enjoyable but also really interesting as it allowed us to confirm insights we had previously drawn up from our interview.

One of these key insights was confirming the different aspects of information Jeff records about his hives. Until this point we had developed our app based off of an online beekeepers record chart but we wanted to confirm that it was appropriate in terms of the data we wanted to record for our own project.

Being able to get up close to the hives and take part in the documenting of Jeff’s hives helps with our aim to conduct participatory research, as we can now say we have conducted beekeeping activities. It also gave us an oppurtunity to ask Jeff further questions and to actually learn more about beekeeping ourselves as it’s an area of interest amongst all our group members. This was also beneficial as ultimately the aim of our project is to create educational resources to learn about bee’s so being able to learn more ourselves was really useful.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed this element of research as not only will it help improve our project but was also a personal interest for all of us and something we had not done before.

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