23/03/2017 – Design Changes and User Testing Preparation

In today’s workshop session we reviewed the initial designs we had made. These were in the form on an In vision app prototype and an interface design made by Tom. Images of both of these aspects can be seen below.

App Design –

Interface Design –


After reviewing the style of these pieces of our overall application we decided to revisit some of the functions that they would carry out. This was due to realising that some of our original data that we planned on being recorded within the app would not actually have any preference to the simulation. We were also concerned we were making the process of our project too complex so wanted to outline it as simply as possible as our target audience of teachers want to have as little hassle as possible. To help streamline and understand our interaction from start to finish we decided to simply outline the process in a rough diagram. That diagram can be viewed below.


After some further discussion we decided that some changes would be necessary to adapt our program. Firstly regarding the data entry although it will be recorded covering different aspects only the estimated hive health with be carried over to the simulation. This initial ‘health’ value will then be affected by the events and stimuli applied within the simulation. We also discussed what art style we plan on using as a 2D representation could be more efficiently achieved than our original 3D style. This was be considered and we begin constructing our final hi fi prototype.

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