Design Phase – 16/03/17 – Workshop

In today’s workshop we focused more on the design aspects of our project now that we had an initial idea and low fi prototype finished. The main aspects we need to design in particular relate to the three different aspects of your application.

The first element that will be need to be designed will be the beekeepers app. The main purpose of this app is for either the beekeeper or the students to enter the data they record at the beehives. This will probably be honey yield, hive health and potentially CO2 levels. Therefore the UI design for this app needs to be, like all our other elements, simple to use due to its purpose and target users such as 8-10 year olds.

The next two aspects are the UI layouts for the teachers input and then the responsive simulation. We want to represent features such as hive health in the form of love hearts for example so the kids can easily identify it. For this we had an in-depth discussion with Keir about what sort of information would be suitable to display which resulted in the creation of these initial sketches. These sketches outline all the aspects we intend to include in both our live data representation and 3D simulation.

A list of all of the different attributes and elements we need to design for and include within our final prototype can be found below:


The next steps we plan to complete will be the production of wireframes and mockups of these different UI aspects before finally creating them. To set this up for development in the next few weeks a small tasks list was made outlining who would perform what duties.


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