Question Everything

In the lecture with Antonio Gould he explained something that resonated with me. He was talking about how he was assessing a groups presentation and halfway through he had to stop them, because he didn’t understand what they were on about; with an intonation that described the fault lying in their ability to explain. This made me think about why I don’t question more often.

I think secondary school by it’s immature nature impacts our ability to question, for fear of sounding stupid or being laughed at by our peers. A question in it’s simplest form is to request information you don’t already know. I think this school peer experience discourages a lot of people from feeling comfortable seeming vulnerable, but because they misunderstand who the onus is on.

I had never analyzed this aspect until Antonio Gould’s anecdote, he was alarmingly comfortable with the fact that he couldn’t understand what they were talking about; in his eyes, it was their fault. This sparked a surge of thought to reconsider everything I thought about questioning and evaluate why.

If you ask the question, you’re the one that has the power, you’re the one commanding a response. Even if it’s a simple or obvious question, you don’t have the information you require so it’s a necessity. If they haven’t explained something well enough for you to comprehend, that isn’t your fault.

It’s difficult to shake off the hangover of ingrained secondary school traits , but this small introspection has helped to redefine my understanding of the meaning behind questioning.

This expands to our project, as the module has gone on I’ve seen people change the way they approach coming up with ideas and questioning them. If there is an idea, we go through it thoroughly until we understand its nature and why it’s contextually useful.

Each stage of progression in our project has this theme at the core of it.



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