13/03/17 – Brainstorming Session

Today we met as a group to discuss our research insights (1,2,3) and develop some ideas that have been floating around for a short time. To get a bit of direction we each wrote down different ideas on post-it notes and discussed elements of our project with one another.

For a few weeks now we have known that our aim is to produce learning materials for children in key stage 2 aged 8-10. With this in mind, our goal is to figure out a way of representing bee information and data in an easily digestible, fun and interactive way for kids. From our research, we understand that Dr. Jeff Davey and others would like to be able to get a virtual version of their hives with the relevant data displayed. Using an idea of a virtual hive would both be beneficial for the beekeepers and teaching alike and therefore today we came up with a development of this idea.

We want to represent the life cycle of a bee and all the weird and wonderful things they do in their lives.

One idea is to have a virtual hive (possibly represented with VR) that is possibly a real hive owned or sponsored by a school. Within this hive, we can view the life cycle of the different bees; the queen, the drones and the workers. The hive would then also be able to be manipulated by different scenarios for people to learn what happens to the bees depending on different factors. For example, there could be an array of different weather scenarios and dependent on what is chosen people can learn about how the hive will be affected. This could be expanded to how different plants near the hive can help bees, how harsh winters impact the hive and other issues. By being able to visualise the effects and plan ahead on what the best practices are to support a virtual hive, this will enable kids to see the positive results certain actions (for example months before the flowers they planted actually do so) and also the negatives of global warming and certain pesticides while simultaneously teaching them about the subject matter.

  • Another idea was YOU are a bee and you get to make choices as the different bees in a shared experience with other classmates (the hive).


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