21/02/17 – Group Meeting

We had a group meeting to go over last weeks workshop with Dr Rob Phillips and work on the project. We discussed it and decided to target Bees for the project.

From Robs advice we decided to set out three mission statements that are challenges we need to address. They will allows us to be more specific in what we want to achieve.

  1. Educate schools on how they can adapt their spaces to accommodate bees
  2. Provide an interactive way to engage students on the topic
  3. Create a set of digital resources for teachers to use to achieve point 2

Avon Wildlife Trust deals with a lot of different campaigns around Bristol and we were finding ourselves scattered and unable to move forward with the project. This meeting was really helpful as it gave each of us the opportunity to talk through the specific environmental issues we could research and have the biggest positive impact upon. After conducting research we agreed to move forward with the view to develop our project for bee conservation and education.

We did some more research and found there are plenty of bee organisations in Bristol, one being BeeBristol. They have the aim to encourage the people of Bristol to embrace nature by helping pollinators in many different ways. This is a potential company to contact.

We found that at the UWE Frenchay campus there is a beehive that would give us the opportunity to gather firsthand research to learn about bees, and what issues they are currently facing. Dr Jeff Davey is a research technician at the university who looks after the beehive. We were able to contact him and set up a meeting for Monday 27th where he agreed to share his experience with bees, research, and educating children at local schools.


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