8/2/17 – Next Project Steps – Contacting our Organisations

Regarding the next steps in our project primarily we need to get into contact with the organisations we plan on potentially working with. Therefore as a group we created a draft colloborative document where we drafted what we felt like was an appriopriate document for Emailing our prospective companies.

In the email we wanted to particulary stress our interest in the area of ecology in which all our organisations work in as well as ensuring we stressed that the company would be required to give us minimal input. This was to hopefully sway them into feeling more comfortable working with us as Keir had previously stressed to us this project was not about badgering a company for a breif that we needed to complete.

Once we had compelted two drafts of the email we finally sent the following email to Avon Wildife Trust, who by this point we had decided would be the most appriopriate organisation for us to contact.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of a group of final year students currently studying Digital Media at UWE.

My peers and I have an interest in wildlife conservation and ecology. In particular,  a passion for protecting our local environment and associated projects in and around the area. The work you do is fantastic and specifically the #MyWildCity projects around Bristol which range from promoting the importance of forest schools to supporting the habitats of wildlife such as hedgehogs and a lot more.

As prospective digital designers, we have a great opportunity to get involved and volunteer our skills to create a digital solution for a potential problem you may face. Ideally it would be great to arrange a meeting/interview with someone who can provide some detailed information into an aspect of your organisation. We understand that you are busy therefore would like to reassure you that we would need minimal input from yourselves after the initial meeting.

We are able to visit the head office near Brandon Park on a flexible arrangement and aim to take up as little of your time as possible. I hope we can have the opportunity to work with you and help design something that could be of use to your organisation in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Wilson


The response we recieved from this email was that the company would be having a meeting on Monday the 20th of Feb to discuss further what sort of meeting could be arranged and where in particular we could offer some help. Therefore the blog will be updated once we have recieved this updated email.

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