Brandon Hill Research Trip

As part of our weekly task as well as the initial research phases of this topic we conducted a research trip to Brandon Hill a well-known wildlife location in the centre of Bristol. This location was also chosen due to its association and close proximity to the headquarters of the Avon and Somerset Wildlife Trust.

The purpose of this trip was to explore one of the potential areas and organisations we could select to try to work alongside for the duration of this project. The trip let us discuss as well as research potential insights or ideas that could provide inspiration for potential solutions or projects. Several of the insights found by the team can be found below –

Justin – I noticed that across the area there were signposts that weren’t currently being used so this was potential promotional space that could be used. I also noticed the signposts here compared to when  I visited Stoke Park Estate, were far more informative from an educational perspective containing information such as what potential species can be spotted in the area. I also found that despite the size of the space there was a large number of visitors ranging from dog walkers to people who appeared to be spending lunch breaks here.

Regarding the next steps in the project we feel we need to try to contact one of our narrowed down potential list of organisations. Therefore this week after conducting this trip and visiting the Avon and Somerset Wildlife Trust HQ we will attempt to contact them via email.

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