Planning the Week Ahead

Last Thursday we met as a group to discuss what to do and also to make plans for the upcoming week. We decided on splitting up our research into two different focal areas:

  • Places
  • Organisations

By looking at places (Justin already visited Stoke Park) we can get a feel of different environments and the potential issues surround them. Following that research we can then follow up the organisations that manage those areas.

Our focus is to highlight problems, making sure not to get carried away but jumping the gun and coming up with ideas before thorough research is done.

Here are some of the places we plan to explore:
Slimbridge ā€“ North of Bristol (35 mins drive)
The Mendips / Somerset
In Bristol
– Brandon Hill (To visit on 8th Feburary)
– Stoke Park (Visited on 1st Feburary)

Organisations Highlighted:

Organisation Location Link
Avon Wildlife Trust Bristol
Somerset Wildlife Trust Somerset ttp://
Somerset Butterflies Somerset
Bristol Zoo Bristol
Rainforest Concern Bath
Tree Aid (More General) Bristol
EPUK Sussex (S.W. Division – Bristol)

Specific Interests:

1. Avon Wildlife Trust – Hedgehog Conservation

– Looking into the hedgehog highway and ways to help with that?
– Reporting sightings
– Educatio (why are they so important?)

2. Rainforst Concern – Campaigning

3. Tree Aid ā€“ Working with people in Africa to help the environment and poverty

The aim for the next week is to narrow down our focus, talk to some organisations and make a decision. Nat said she was happy to phone up a few different people and chat to them and we have a visit planned for Wednesday as a group to Brandon Hill.


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