Stoke Park Visit – 01/02/17

On Wednesday as part of our initial research for our project I decided to visit the Stoke Park estate which is located along my walk into uni and one I frequently visit. Knowing our area of research and potential organisations would be conservation based I thought this location could provide potential ideas of insights relating to these areas. The way I conduct research was primarily through observations as well as reading the variety of different sign posts provided along access points to the grounds. It was also regarding these signposts that I collect one of the key insights during this short trip was that along the stretch of land I walked there was a total of 6 different access points into the grounds. This could be useful as you would have to pass one of these signs or posts to be within the area which could prove useful for instance attracting visitors attention or technology wise attaching NFC tags for example to track visitors when they enter and leave the park at specific areas. This insight was also backed up by the sheer number of visitors I noticed primarily dog walkers but some just walking and if these visitors could be engaged someway into conservation based projects within the grounds it could be really successful and effective.

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