Initial Discussion 26/01/17

During this workshop session we, as a group, discussed which area in particular regarding our initial brief we wanted to focus our research around. Initially our first idea was to take up the disability area and began looking into charities in particular Guide Dogs for the blind as we all felt this would be an organisationsation we would be really interested in working alongside. However after some further discussion we felt that this was a reasonably narrow approach we had taken and also felt like that maybe in terms of working with a nd providing an effective solution to a potential problem within the organisation could be problematic to deliver so decided to re focus our approach.

After some further discussion it was apparent that within the group we all had a passion for ecology and conservation and felt that alongside having multiple organisations to choose from we were also in an area where there is a huge amount of wildlife habitat and land nearby in the form of multiple parks and national trust sites. We discussed how we could get his approach to fit within our initial project brief and felt it would match well with the citizen science approach. We then all looked at different charities and organisations that are around locally which we could potentially work with. This included Avon and Somerset Wildlife Trust for example. The session was concluded by all members agreeing that this would be a great topic for us to research as we all felt passionate about it.  We then created this associated blog and planned on meeting next week in order to begin conducting some initial research trips.

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