Branding Workshop

For this first interaction design group workshop the focus was based around the effectiveness of branding. This was to help us for when we work alongside our chosen organisation we would be able to take these branding notes on board to help not only improve our designs but also ultimately work at providing a better solution for our company.

For the activity we had to select one of the chosen companies provided and using stereotypes about the brand values produce a presentation regarding to that company. We chose Harley Davidson the bike manufacture and then appropriately created a motorbike based touring holiday. The information provided about the holiday such as trips, accommodation and cost would all reflect the associated companies brand values in our case this was rugged, wild and American.

Once we had completed our presentation we showed it to the class to see if they were able to correlate our holiday with our brand. We then viewed the other groups within the class to see what brands they had select and the brand matched holidays they had also produced.

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